A 360° approach to influencer marketing–from consulting to strategy

We’ve executed hundreds of campaigns and are convinced that the possibilities for influencer marketing are endless. Among the unconventional solutions that we will create for you, are new products, pop-up events, custom gifts, or employer branding campaigns. Influencer marketing is so much more than social media posts with the #ad hashtag.

That’s why we offer 360° influencer marketing services that combine originality and excellent performance.

Influencer selection

A strong influencer and brand match is crucial for a successful result. We don’t rely on hunches or horoscopes. We‘ll suggest content creators who have undergone a refined selection process to identify their relevance to your brand.

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Campaign creation and management

There is more to influencer marketing than flashy events that end up on magazine covers. We put in countless hours of creative and technical work to make sure every campaign is planned and executed flawlessly—so you don’t have to.

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Influencer communication strategy

Every victory starts with a strategy. Know your competitors, get expert insights into your brand, define your objectives and measure the success of your campaign not only in terms of aesthetic content but also in terms of ROI.

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Brand ambassador programs

Your brand can speak for itself or let influential voices do it instead. Build a community of ambassadors trusted by your customers and let them spread the word for you.

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Integrated communication solutions

From interactive billboards to new products co-developed with content creators—influencer marketing can have many voices and expressions.

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Influencer gifting

Sometimes all it takes is a pleasant surprise—a thoughtful and well-packaged gift increases brand awareness at an affordable price.

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Building communities

No one knows your brand like the people who interact with it every day. It’s simply a matter of gathering your most loyal fans and getting them to talk about your brand out loud.

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Employer branding

While you are looking for your dream employees, they are already searching for you, too. The right influencer will help you get noticed and make the HR department happy.

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Employee brand ambassadors programs

The best ambassadors for your company are usually already part of your team. We will help recognize them and support them in growing their brand which will serve your organization.

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We are delighted to have earned the title of the top influencer marketing expert in the Baltic States. We are even more excited to share our knowledge with you.

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