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About us

In 2018, we opened the doors of our first office. And the following year, we have already won the award for the most effective marketing campaign in Lithuania. A few years later, we are proud to have earned the title of influencer marketing leaders in the Baltics.

Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable and long-term growth of the influencer marketing industry. We create added value by shaping trends and not blindly following them. For clients, this means a boost in reputation and effective results. For influencers, it promises continued growth. And for audiences, it guarantees enjoyable content.


We are quite demanding — on ourselves and the influencers. In our work, we are constantly learning and helping others to do the same. Regularly, we put together influencer trend reports and provide specialized training for brands, and we always keep influencers up to date with changes in legal regulations, ad tagging, effectiveness, or algorithm changes.

We cannot imagine an influencer marketing industry without transparency. Only by being completely open with clients, influencers, and ourselves we can earn the trust of our audiences and ensure the ethical growth of the influencer market.

Our team

Creative achievers, TikTok experts, and statistics enthusiasts — meet the team of professionals in their field

Laura Bojarskytė Aleksandravičė
Founder & CEO
Aistė Stalmokaitė
COO & Partner
Judita Svečiulė
Senior Team Lead
Fausta Barauskaitė
Team Lead
Gerda Servaitė
Senior Talent Manager
Ieva Baublytė
Account Manager
Gabrielė Degutytė
Junior Account Manager
Erika Strazdaitė
Junior Talent Manager
Monika Sabeckytė
Junior Account Manager
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