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Influencer network in the Baltic States

We are a specialised influencer marketing agency that connects brands with influencers to create authentic, engaging and measurable brand campaigns for target audiences. We partner with all mega, macro and micro social media influencers from the Baltic States.


Case Studies

We help brands to reach their target audiences by creating effective influencer marketing strategies focused on engaging and authentic content. Browse through some of our recent influencer marketing campaigns to see what makes us exceptional and how we achieve high results to satisfy our clients’ needs

Campaign objective - generate and direct traffic to a special website page of project called “Labanakt, gražuole”.
About campaign

During this campaign 40 unique content assets were created and 793 unique clicks made on “Labanakt, gražuole” page.

Campaign objective - encourage target audience to choose “Mantinga” Italian pizza snacks
About campaign

During this campaign 294 thousand people were reached and 8.58% engaged in 14 created content assets.

Brand awareness
Campaign objective - increase awareness of a Lithuanian brand Kilig
About campaign

3 well-known influencers presented three different Kilig product categories – Kilig Man, Kilig Derma ir Kilig Hair – with the aim to increase brand awareness of the brand.

Sales promotion
Campaign objective - promote Christmas sales at Vaga bookstores and online store.
About campaign

7 influencers in their social media profiles presented different topics – (1) Christmas gifts and decorations, (2) great customer experience at Vaga bookstores, (3) book reservations online and pick up at bookstores.

New product launch
Campaign objective - increase awareness of new "Kilig" cosmetics line "Urban"
About campaign

Kilig Urban cosmetics line for the young urban commuters were introduced by the most famous Lithuanian Instagram content creator – Karolina Meschino.

Campaign objective - introduce new products “Snickers&Twix Bites” by packing and sending special gifts.
About campaign

During this campaign 66% out of 50 influencers shared their reactions on social media channels. Together they have created 65 assets of unique content.

Brand awareness
Campaign objective - increase awareness of DPD Pickup service and invite consumers to try it.
About campaign

8 social media influencers created content about DPD Pickup service of sending and receiving parcels. Unique promo codes given by influencers invited consumers to try the service. More than 30 000 people engaged into the content during the campaign.

Brand awareness
Campaign objective - increase brand awareness of Nutriless products among women.
About campaign

6 healthy lifestyle influencers introduced the benefits of “Nutriless“ products and created 32 assets of content during two weeks. Their content engaged more than 10000 consumers.


Strengthen positioning
Campaign objective - strengthen the positioning of ground coffee "L'OR".
About campaign

Together with 21 influencers from Baltic States we aimed to strengthen the positioning of ground coffee “L’OR” and change consumers perception about coffee package.

Contest promotion
Campaign objective - invite people to participate in Pedigree “DentaSTIX” contest in Baltic States.
About campaign

To promote “DentaSTIX” contest, 3 influencers from Baltic States created Instagram posts and stories using SelfieSTIX with their beloved pets.

Strengthen positioning
Campaign objective - strengthen the positioning of a magazine “Žmonės” and promote a special subscription offer.
About campaign

12 micro influencers created 58 assets of content about the magazine “Žmonės”, more than 120 000 users were reached.

New product launch
Campaign objective - launch a new pizza snack “Party Calzone”.
About campaign

Campaign objective was to introduce a new product – pizza snack “Party Calzone” which is great for parties. Two types of social media influencers were chosen to reach two different target groups: young trend-setters and hip moms.

New product launch
Campaign objective - launch a new product “CHICK FIT”.
About campaign

7 influencers created 53 different assets of content in one month on 4 social media channels. Their content engaged more than 14000 consumers. Ready-to-cook chicken “CHICK FIT” became hip & trendy on social media, consumers were sharing Instagram stories while roasting it.

New product lauch
Campaign objective - introduce a new taste of MENTOS.
About campaign

6 creative influencers presented new MENTOS SOUR taste and shared their personal stories about fun and unexpected meetings with new people. Their Instagram posts reached half a million consumers, Instagram stories were viewed by 1.5 million users.

Brand awareness
Campaign objective - increase brand awareness of ice cream Nykštukas among young target audience.
About campaign

5 trendy lifestyle influencers created 18 assets of content and reached 11.5% engagement rate on Instagram. Not only did they introduce new tastes of ice cream, but also shared their personal stories from childhood to express the emotional bond to the product.

Strengthen positioning
Campaign objective - strengthen the positioning of a drinkable yogurt "MURR".
About campaign

3 social media influencers communicated a message that the exotic yogurt “MURR” is a moment of pleasure which brings the holiday feeling. More than 14 000 consumers engaged in the content.

Brand awareness
Campaign objective - increase brand awareness of KTU Master’s programmes.
About campaign

11 undergraduate and graduate students of Kaunas University of Technology who are active on social media shared personal experiences about their studies. Their posts reached almost 50000 people and 3.7% engagement rate.

What we do

We create solutions

In cooperation with the largest network of influencers in the Baltic States, we provide solutions for brands searching for new and effective ways of reaching their target audiences on social media.

We find the best

Our exclusive database and influencer marketing tool ensures best-in-class influencers who reach the target audience of a brand. However, to find influencers who match brand’s needs we do not solely rely on numbers – we also evaluate the influencer’s credibility, authenticity and creativity.

We execute campaigns with excellence

We execute integrated influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z – from analyzing brand positioning and developing creative solutions to identifying and activating influencers as well as monitoring and ensuring high-quality content.

We deliver results

We help brands to set measurable objectives and understand the impact of the results. We do not just hand a report, we use this data to gain insights that will form the foundation for further collaboration.

We integrate

We do not limit ourselves to influencer activation on social media. We can successfully integrate them into other media channels, brand events or other marketing endavours and ensure that consumers will meet influencers at every stage of their journey with the brand.

We consult

We do not chase the trends, we dictate them. Therefore we constantly learn and challenge ourselves to embrace technological novelties and disruptive changes. We structure our knowledge and experience to help others to learn about the true meaning influencer marketing.

We represent

Naglis Bierancas

Naglis Bierancas is a talented photographer and dancer, however, in 2018 he became an Instagram star and TOP 2 Instagrammer in Lithuania. Naglis is famous for his positive, humorous Instagram stories and he is the fastest growing Instagram influencer in Lithuania.

Partnerships: Huawei, LIDL Lietuva, Vičiūnų grupė, Gera dovana, etc.

Simona Burbaitė

Simona Burbaitė is a famous Lithuanian blogger, author of the book “Your best friend”. Her high-quality content is focused on beauty, fashion and healthy lifestyle. Simona actively develops her Instagram, Youtube channels and writes a blog

Partnerships: H&M, Maje, Fit Bit, Filorga, Kilig, Pieno žvaigždės, etc.

Ieva Swan

Ieva Swan is a well known Lithuanian social media content creator, video blogger and lifestyle influencer. Ieva is passionate about sport, healthy lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Sport and fashion are not only her hobbies, it’s her lifestyle about which she talks to her big community of loyal followers on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.
Partnerships: Samsung,, Wellwoman, Pieno žvaigždės, etc.

Paulius Mikolaitis

Paulius Mikolaitis, better known as Paul de Miko, became famous in February 2018 for his comic videos. After giving up data analyst job over Youtube content creator’s career, Paulius has already gain more than 100 000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. By mocking modern internet culture and satirically analyzing comments of virtual everyday life, Paulius is taking an increasingly strong stand among Lithuanian content creators.

Partnerships: Hostinger, Cheetos, Borjomi, Regitra, LIDL Lietuva, etc.

Monika Linkytė

Monika Linkytė is known as a singer and participant of many musical projects. In 2015, Monika represented Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest and has received numerous awards for her creativity and talent. On her social media platforms Instagram and Facebook Monika shares sincerity with followers, encouraging fans to look for inspiration and happiness in small, everyday details.

Partnerships: Deichmann, SEB, Coca Cola, CityBee, IKI, etc.