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Establishing a dialogue between influencers, brands and consumers

Influencer network in the Baltic States

We are the largest specialized influencer marketing agency in the Baltic States. Established in 2018, we develop and implement authentic, effective and results-based influencer marketing strategies and campaigns for brands in all Baltic countries. We help brands to build a dialogue with their target audience on social networks, working with a wide network of opinion leaders – from nano to mega influencers.

What we do

Selection of influencers

The selection of the right influencers is the key to the success of influencer marketing. Based on reliable tools and historical data, we select the influencers that reach the brand’s target audience and match positioning, and ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of their content.

Solution development

After analyzing the brand, we create a strategic campaign plan, which includes the proposed communication idea, messages, activation channels, content formats, frequency, and an analysis of the audience and performance indicators of the selected influencers.

Campaign management

We ensure smooth and high-quality campaign management: negotiations with influencers, signing of specialized contracts, preparation of communication ideas and guidelines, content approval, monitoring. We provide a detailed report of individual and overall results and expert insights for future campaigns.

Ambassador programs

We develop and implement long-term brand ambassador programs. We help to select the most appropriate and effective influencers representing the brand, plan and supervise the content they create, help to integrate into other advertising channels chosen by the brand, consistently measure results, help to create and maintain a continuous relationship.

Integrated campaigns

We take care of the successful integration of influencers into other advertising media chosen by the brand (events, print, digital, OOH, TV, etc.) and the proper use of influencers’ name and image. We ensure that consumers will meet influencers at every stage of their journey with the brand.

Influencer gifting

Gifts for influencers are one of the cheapest ways to reach their followers. We make a list of the most suitable gift recipients, take care of the personal experience of receiving a gift, monitor the content created by influencers and calculate the number of potential users reached.

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