We can’t imagine our work without the consulting part, where we share our knowledge on the developments in the influencer market of the Baltics.

We are happy to speak with brands new to working with influencers. Our experts will advise you on how to start working with influencers, how to use the budget effectively, what legal aspects are important, and how to make influencers a long-term asset of the brand’s communication strategy.

Sample consultation questions that we agree on before the meeting:

  • What criteria should be considered when selecting an influencer?
  • How to optimize the selection and communication process with influencers?
  • How much freedom to give to the influencer?
  • Which path to choose–one-time integration or long-term partnership with influencers?
  • How to assess the cost-effectiveness of influencers?
  • How to track results and evaluate communication effectiveness?
  • What are the prevailing trends in influencer marketing?

Standard consultation duration: 1 hour.

We are ready to work with you.
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