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The brand image campaign “This is not Lidl” aimed to compare well-known, everyday situations with the values close to Lidl’s customers–simplicity, a large selection of products, and attractive prices. Are you offered chebureks on the beach again? Well, this is not Lidl for you. Turning this phrase into the folklore of everyday life seemed like a mission impossible, but did it succeed?


We had the objective of reaching a very wide target audience and engaging consumers, so we decided to use not only long-term Lidl ambassadors but also additional content creators, famous young comedians. We wanted to reveal their unique relationship with the phrase “This is not Lidl”, so there were no strict guidelines, just one message.

After unleashing the potential of creators, we got ten different creative outcomes, from a trip from Kupiškis to Uranus, a failed attempt to eat at a fancy restaurant in Paris, to a return to the school cafeteria. Authenticity was ensured by the fact that no script was edited and the users saw the videos as the creators envisioned.


Although the goal of becoming folklore is difficult to measure, we captured hundreds of comments with the phrase “This is not Lidl” on various social media platforms. It became a hit with TikTok users, using the phrase in content not even related to Lidl. So, if the saying did not become the folklore of the nation, it really became very popular among the users of Lithuanian social networks.

The content of the campaign gathered more than 2.2 million views and an impressive 13.11% engagement rate. The video created by Laurynas Zmejauskas, Viktoras Balykovas, and Karolina Meschino received as many as 1.3 million views and became the most-viewed video on the profile of the biggest Lithuanian influencer Karolina.

The success of the campaign was recognized in the Baltic region. The campaign won 3rd place in the 2023 Mi:t&links Baltic States Communication Awards in the category of opinion leader communication, and took 1st place in the Password 2023 awards in the category of most effective high-budget campaign.

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