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They are many, they are different, but they all send the same message—they genuinely choose Lidl.

Together with our long-term client Lidl Lithuania, we have been running what is probably the largest brand ambassador program in Lithuania for a number of years. Our mission is to build a community, nurture the uniqueness and strengths of each ambassador, and ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


Nurturing the strengths of each ambassador and allowing them to create in the way they think best for themselves and their followers—that’s the recipe for a successful Lidl ambassador program.

Lidl ambassadors spread the word about their beloved supermarket chain in different formats and channels every month and have the freedom to decide and suggest what and how they want to present themselves.

As well as regularly showcasing Lidl products and services, ambassadors contribute to the development of exclusive products, help shape the brand and Lidl’s employer image, and join in promoting sustainability and other important social initiatives in the supermarket chain.


Today, Lidl Lithuania’s team of ambassadors consists of a group of micro, macro, and mega influencers, including the biggest Lithuanian influencers, stars of the entertainment world, the country’s most popular comedians, food bloggers, and talented creators of entertaining content.

The ambassador program has not only become an important element of Lidl Lithuania’s awareness-raising efforts but has also created a large and loyal community of fans of the brand in the social space.

The creative freedom and a mutually trusting relationship allowed Lidl’s ambassador program to become a role model for other brands, and Lidl Lithuania quickly earned the title of one of the most wanted advertisers among the ranks of influencers.

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