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In Lithuania, at least one in three women has experienced partner violence at least once in their lifetime, and one in two people have heard of cases of violence in their surroundings. This is just a small part of the statistics, but it is sufficient evidence that we must speak out loud and constantly about violence in our immediate environment.

For several years now, IKEA has been seeking to draw public attention to the problem of domestic violence. This time, IKEA joined forces with Robert Kalinkin fashion house and created stylish limited-edition bags for this social initiative, with all profits going to family crisis centers operating in Lithuania.

Our task is to spread the main message of the initiative as widely as possible through the circle of socially responsible influencers–let’s notice the violence.


For this campaign, we specifically selected influencers who would talk to their audience about social issues and be socially responsible themselves.

We invited some of the content creators to the initiative launch event, and encouraged others to contribute virtually by showing their purchased limited edition IKEA X Robert Kalinkin bags and sharing information about the issue of domestic violence.

We continued our communication efforts after the meaningful event. The content creators reminded their audience for several weeks about how we can contribute to the well-being of victims of violence, organically integrating the campaign’s symbol wide-open eye, into their content.


The content creators who joined the initiative created more than 60 content units during the entire campaign period, which reached 356 K Instagram users.

The initiative’s idea and messages from influencers on social media were particularly well-received by followers–commentators expressed their support for the initiative organizers, and some even shared that they had purchased the campaign accessory.

The campaign was recognized by communication professionals–Notice Violence won third place in the PR Impact Awards in the Social Campaign category.

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