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In autumn 2021, Lidl Lithuania launched its first loyalty program—the Lidl Plus mobile app. Lidl ambassadors, the supermarket chain’s most loyal fans, played a special role in the launch of this product.

During the campaign, we aimed to introduce the Lidl Plus app through the ambassadors’ content, generate as many app downloads as possible, and help Lidl Plus become the No. 1 loyalty app in Lithuania.


Once we heard about the ambitious goal, we knew immediately that it would require the involvement of all Lidl brand ambassadors. With a mass activation strategy, we mobilized all the faces of Lidl on the first day of the campaign.

The ambassadors were divided into several target groups based on their follower audiences, each with individual messages about the key benefits of the Lidl Plus app. In this way, we aimed not only to showcase the app’s value but also to personalize the communication so that the ambassadors could share their unique experiences and highlight the app’s most relevant functionalities.

Influencers communicated their experience with Lidl Plus in a quality and personal way, demonstrated how they use the app, and invited followers to try it out.


On the first day of the campaign, no one could hide from the news about the app. We laughed that it was the day we broke the internet with Lidl ambassadors—on that day, social media platforms worldwide went down. Nevertheless, together with the ambassadors, we reached the monthly download target in the campaign’s first week. The Lidl Plus app became the most downloaded app in Lithuania in the first week and stayed among the most popular for about two months.

The success of the Lidl Plus app launch did not go unnoticed by communication professionals—we were ranked 2nd in the PR Impact Awards 2022 in the Influencers and Viral Communication category.

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