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Having worked with Kilig for many years, we knew how bright, bold, and free the brand is. And if Kilig was a person, we do not doubt it would be Naglis Bierancas. A shared outlook on life, the same values, and a slight punkishness brought Naglis and Kilig together back in 2019 when the influencer took a dip in a shiny bath of Kilig body scrubs. The campaign photos were iconic and the glitter left on the body after the bath was another inspiration for Kilig and Naglis new creative project—a glitter hand cream.


Designing and manufacturing a product from scratch is difficult, but the production process becomes even more complex when the whole world is quarantined. The creative meetings that started in January 2020 quickly had to be moved into virtual space. While testing the first samples at home, Kilig, Naglis, and we coordinated the texture, scent, and glitter amount of the future hand cream via video calls to get the perfect formula.

In the spring, work began on the packaging of the cream. With Naglis involved in all stages of product development, Kilig wanted the packaging to represent Naglis’s unique personality as much as possible. The leopard print accent, the details of Naglis’s existing tattoos, part of his portrait, and the name of the cream, “Feel my vibe,” which Naglis himself invented and handwrote, not only reflected Naglis down to the very tips of his toes but also became the distinctive design of the packaging.

As autumn began, we prepared for the big product launch. The whole process of creating the cream, Naglis’s involvement, and Kilig’s belief in the idea attracted four other brands, which became an important part of the three-month product communication. Lidl Lithuania, CityBee, Drogas, Napsie—these brands found unique ways to integrate the novel product into their communications. Whether it was the cars in major Lithuanian cities with the design of the cream packaging or the billboards with the full-height image of Naglis at the point of sale – everyone wanted to feel the Naglis vibe.


A glowing hand cream scented with summer fruits became the most desired festive gift for 2020. The first lucky recipients received the cream from Naglis himself, then the creams were available to buy at Lidl and Drogas stores, and in case anyone missed it, shoppers had the chance to win the cream by getting into a CityBee car or shopping at Napsie.

The cream was a limited edition, and people’s interest was so high that there were discussions on social media about the product’s stock at the point of sale. This was also evidenced by audience engagement—in three months of communication, Naglis shared 74 pieces of content on his account, in which he was tagged by customers who had purchased the cream.

Not only the audience but also experts have appreciated the product. The packaging and design of Kilig X Naglis Feel my vibe glow cream was voted best in the 2020 NAPA Awards.

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