The names we represent and the community of 350+ influencers in the Baltics

Nano, micro, macro, or mega — the most important thing is that the influencers match the DNA of your brand. That’s why we work with more than 350 influencers in the Baltics.

We represent more than just brands. On this page, you’ll find faces and their projects that have already become an integral part of our team. We continuously care for their image and partnerships and work with these talents to create collaborative projects.

Mantas Stonkus

Mantas Stonkus is probably known to all Lithuanian generations. He is a well-known theatre and film actor, TV presenter, comedian, video blogger, and podcast creator. His charismatic personality has captivated more than 300,000 people on social media.

Mantas’s sense of humor and the unpolished daily life that we can follow on social media have already attracted a huge audience. Here, he reveals his other roles: dad, cyclist, educator, traveler, and active lifestyle enthusiast.

Naglis Bierancas

Also known as Naglimantas, photographer Naglis Bierancas is one of the most well-known and beloved names on Lithuanian social media. Naglis’s campaigns have won awards for their effectiveness and captured thousands of hearts with humor.

Naglis is best described by the words vivid, authentic, and memorable. His content entertains, and his style leaves no one indifferent. Naglis’s superpower is to engage his followers in a discussion effortlessly.

Dalia Belickaitė

TV presenter, active lifestyle enthusiast, and freckles ambassador. This is Dalia Belickaitė, who will inspire a more positive day with her never-ending energy and a big smile.

Dalia shares her free time snippets, beauty and sports tips, rhythmic dance videos, behind-the-scenes TV work, and now–motherhood moments on social media. There are many reasons to admire Dalia. This is perfectly proven by more than 160K fans with whom Dalia creates a close and engaging connection.

Ieva Swan

“Celebrate life”, says Ieva Swan, introducing her followers to one of Lithuania’s most colorful Instagram profiles. The content creator, who has built a following of hundreds of thousands, decorates her profile with never-ending travels around the world and active leisure time in Lithuania.

Style, fashion, personal growth, an active lifestyle, and balanced nutrition. These are not the only topics Ieva talks about. It’s a lifestyle that inspires others to follow in her footsteps.

Lukas Gricius

In and out of the frame, photographer Lukas Gricius is a well-known name for fans of both his professional work and social media content. Iconic — you wouldn’t be wrong to describe Lukas’s photographic style with the term. You’ll find his work on the covers of prestigious fashion magazines. His life, travels, and thoughts are just as vivid as his photographs.

Lukas’s life revolves around traveling, friends, and creativity, all of which he presents highly aesthetically on his social media accounts. Brands working with him can also expect to be reflected in a colorful, vibrant, and engaging way.

Paulius Mikolaitis

Paulius, known as Paul de Miko embodies a success story where passion for content creation turns into a full-time job. Paulius has applied his data analyst skills to the research of contemporary internet culture, which he presents to his followers with plenty of humor and satire. Now Paulius is one of Lithuania’s most successful YouTube content creators.

Real-life curiosities, celebrity oddities, and Gen-Z Internet trends are the topics where Paulius is in his element. He presents his views with unbeatable arguments, which is why hundreds of thousands of followers trust Paulius.

Robertas Kalinkinas

Fashion designer Robertas Kalinkinas is a personality whose creative ideas in business and life inspire many. After founding a fashion house and the now-classic brand Robert Kalinkin, now Robertas welcomes not just dedicated fashion fans to his social media accounts.

Robertas‘s content is dedicated to family, creativity, joy, and the search for an authentic, unconventional lifestyle. This allows him to pursue successful partnerships with leading brands looking for a bit of rock’n’roll in their communication.

„Socialinių tinklų tarnyba“

For those who love the Internet but don’t have the time to follow all its hottest trends, Paulius Mikolaitis or Paul de Miko’s program “Socialinių tinklų tarnyba (STT)” is a lifesaver. This biweekly show has been part of Laisvės TV X for years and is watched by almost 200,000 people on average.

What’s weird on Reddit? What TikTok post captured the hearts of millions this week? Paul de Miko doesn’t miss a sensation. His incisive commentary and boredom-proof editing ensure that even commercials are fun to watch.

Manto Stonkaus Youtube kanalas

From now on, you can see one of Lithuania’s most popular actors, Mantas Stonkus, not only on cinema screens or in the theatre. Mantas has made his old dream come true and introduced his personal Youtube channel to the online audience.

In the weekly sports satire show “Kūno kultūra”, Mantas analyzes the current affairs of the world of sport, while vlogs allow viewers to travel around the world with him — from the exotic Maldives to the neighboring Warsaw. Humour lovers can’t wait for his comic sketches.

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